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Find index fragmentation in table

Find index fragmentation in table

As a DBA, you often get question from developers and users- what is indexing and fragmentation? Well, in simple words indexing is the process of creating index in the table to enhance the performance of queries. Index is created as the subset of different columns in the table hence it is subset of indexed table. More frequent dml […]

Challange in implementation of Transpare...

Challange in implementation of Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) in your corporation

Many corporation and business required to encrypt their databases for compliance and security. Database vendor providing different tools and addon in their product as their business needs. One of the encryption technique vendor incorporate in their product is Transparent Data Encryption aka TDE. TDE protects data at rest by performing real-time I/O encryption and decryption of data […]

Reloading agent settings issue in SQL Se...

Reloading agent settings issue in SQL Server 2012

In case you are getting bunch of following message “Reloading agent settings” in sql server Agent error log, you can fix it by small fix in registry setting. Go to registry on your SQL Server machine and go to following. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\ MSSQL11.YOUR_INSTANCE_NAME\SQLServerAgent Now change “AutoRegistryRefresh” from 1 to 0 and restart the SQL […]

Oracle backup restore production copy of...

Oracle backup restore production copy of backup files in TSM server to Development environment

Restore Prod backup database to different existing database instance system from tsm Source: SERVERPROD Database: ORAPROD Destination: SERVERDEV Database: ORADEV Pre-Conditions: File structure on both system should be same. Backup of ORAPROD is already in tsm server. For TSM Admin: TSM Admin needs to reconfigure setting to point backup path of ORAPROD from serverdev, so […]

A View: New In-Memory database system Te...

A View: New In-Memory database system Technology

With the current trends and competition between database vendors, major database vendors like Oracle and SQL Server are moving towards in-memory database services, although in-memory database server already have long history since 1993. Most of us already heard and learnt about in-memory database service where most or all of the database gets loaded into RAM(memory) […]

Setup Perfmon.exe Performance Counter to...

Setup Perfmon.exe Performance Counter to collect in SQL Server database

Perfmon is one of the very reliable and handy tool for server-Admin and DBA. Most of the time DBA have to perform analysis on server resources like processor, memory, disk including SAN and other different sql server perfromance counters. As a DBA, I always find it handy to save all these counters in sql server database instead of […]

Migration of Reporting service from sql ...

Migration of Reporting service from sql server 2005 to sql server 2008(R2)

Source ServerName: ServerA New ServerName: ServerB 1. Backup ReportServer and ReportServerTemp dbs from source server ‘ServerA’. 2. Backup RS Encryption key from source server ‘ServerA’. Go to Reporting Service configuration Manager in ServerA. From encryption tab, you can backup the encryption key. 3. Restore ReportServer and ReportServerTemp dbs on New server- ServerB. 4. Configure the […]