Many corporation and business required to encrypt their databases for compliance and security. Database vendor providing different tools and addon in their product as their business needs. One of the encryption technique vendor incorporate in their product is Transparent Data Encryption aka TDE. TDE protects data at rest by performing
real-time I/O encryption and decryption of data and log files. TDE perform page level encryption.Database get encrypted at page level before written to disk and decrypted when read into memory. With this advantages, there are lots of technical problem to implement in your company.
1. DBA are resistance to new technology.
DBA needs special training to accompany TDE. TDE changes the traditional way of backup/restore in sql server. Some DBA are pretty laid-back that they does not like to gain more knowledge in new technology that they
pushback any new technnology.

2. Management are resistance to new technology.
Management always want to keep things running in minimum expenses, Some management even think this is only way to generate more revenue! Well it may be good for short team, but it will ultimately hurt the business. If you are going to rollout TDE in corporate scale, you need more DBA work which means more expenses!!

3. Problem with third Party Storage tools.
There is not special designed in third party storage tools (eg TSM) to backup certificate and encryption password and restore when needed. Most of the company using third party tools have to manage procedure to manage encryption password. Sometime if you missed the password or certificate, non of the backup files can be used in disaster. So implementation TDE with third party storage tools, both group should have through knowledge of TDE and its implementation.

4. Managing encryption password, certificate and private key.
Without encryption password, certificate and private key, even you have database backup files, it has no use. So managing those 3 entities in big corporation is big overhead. So before implementation TDE, the process have to well documented and all the stack should understand it implication and importance.